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Welcome to the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG

You are very welcome to the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG (MHIT) web portal, where we promote the widest understanding and appreciation of Ireland’s distinctive and shared military heritage.

By means of this Web Site and posted News Bulletins, the Trust endeavours to enhance public knowledge of its vision, mission, objectives, activities, current projects, military heritage and upcoming events. In addition, our Web Site provides guidance for the research of military heritage.

The Web Site also advises on how to access information regarding military service. Finally, the site facilitates links with Web Sites associated with Ireland’s military heritage.

Throughout Ireland and for the foreseeable future, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust (CLG):

  • Honours all Irish men and women who served in armed forces irrespective of the Theatre of Operations, National Flag or Regimental Colour;
  • Supports the widest understanding and appreciation of Irish military heritage;
  • Encourages research and the study of the Irish Soldier in military history; and
  • Sustains partnerships with relevant stakeholders;
  • in order to promote and preserve Ireland’s unique military heritage for future generations.

Our Vision

Fully understanding the diversity of Irish military service worldwide, we see the Trust as a recognised, effective and open-minded provider, committed to honouring Ireland’s commendable military heritage, in an inclusive cross-border environment and in partnership.

Our Current Focus

In the short to medium term, the Military Heritage Trust of Ireland will focus on key measurable outputs such as the publication of a strategic framework, the establishment of a Room of Reflection, active involvement in the Decade of Centenaries, enhancing partnerships with stakeholders such as Museums and Regimental Associations, initiating the Military Heritage Research Bursary, extending its Membership base, and through a redesigned Web Site, promulgate the latest news and lists of events, and further develop the support provided for research.

Overview & Governance Links

Our Patron

President Higgins_Full

The Military Heritage of Ireland is honoured to have as its Patron, President Michael D Higgins.

President Michael D. Higgins was inaugurated as the ninth President of Ireland on 11 November 2011.  He was inaugurated for a second term on 11 November 2018.

A desire to work more directly for equality and justice led Michael D. Higgins to enter public life.  

He served as a public representative at many levels from Councillor and Mayor, to 9 years in the Seanad, and 25 years in Dáil Éireann.  Michael D. Higgins was Ireland’s first Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht


Read some of the latest New Headlines from the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG.

National Day of Commemoration – Royal Hospital Kilmainham – 14 July 2024

Posted: July 14, 2024

Annual Ceremony of Remembrance and Wreath Laying – 13 July 2024

Posted: July 14, 2024

Annual Parade Combined Irish Regiments Association – 16 June 2024

Posted: June 20, 2024

Irish WW1 War Graves Rededication Services – July 2024

Posted: June 17, 2024

80th Anniversary – 38 (Irish) Brigade – Papal Audience & Beating the Retreat

Posted: June 12, 2024

Royal Army Medical Corps Association’s Commemoration 2024

Posted: June 9, 2024

MHIT Supporters

The Trust greatly appreciates the support it receives from the following organisations

MHIT Projects

Quick Links to our Projects
  • Overview

    In the short to medium term, the Military Heritage Trust of Ireland will focus on key measurable outputs incorporated into its various projects...

  • MHIT Bursary

    The bursary commemorates Major-General P.F. Nowlan, a founding member of the Trust, who was elected its first Chairman (1999 – 2011)

  • Room of Reflection

    The Trust’s Directors are actively exploring the feasibility of establishing a Room of Reflection, reflecting Ireland’s shared military heritage .....

  • Military Service Information

    Through its Web Site and Contact information, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust actively assists people worldwide to access information on the military service of relatives, friends and individuals.

  • Publications

    Building on the vast reservoir of military history publications, we assist the publication of research that supports its core focus on military heritage.

  • Soldiers and Chiefs Exhibition

    Acknowledging the need to collect, preserve, exhibit artefacts and material associated with military heritage, the MHIT encourages the establishment and funding of national, regional and local museums

  • Series of Articles at the National Museum

    The Soldiers and Chiefs Exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland increases public awareness of the story of the Irish soldier, one of the principal objectives of the MHIT >>

  • Digging Up the Raj

    Often, during my 40 years in Ireland, Irish people have told me of their ancestors who served in India during British rule. Read a series of Articles BY SHABNAM VASISHT

MHIT Research Guide

Quick Links to our Research Guide
  • Research Overview

    Understanding the importance of research, nurturing a new generation of researchers and inspiring learning, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust (CLG) welcomes research inquiries from all quarters.

  • Introduction

    The guide is designed to help those doing research into aspects of Irish military history from earliest times to the present day... >>

  • Research Sources

    Within the Island of Ireland there are many research resources available from the National Archives to Museums and much More

  • Archives

    History is made with documents. Documents are the imprints left of the thoughts and the deeds of the men of former times. For nothing can take the place of documents

  • Internet Research

    As a global information medium, the worldwide web is a major resource for those embarking on research ...>>

  • Military Museums

    There are a number of dedicated military museums throughout Ireland. Most of these are of a general nature, covering Irish military history over the ages.

  • Libraries

    Researchers may benefit from visiting libraries such as the National Library which holds a number of lists of Irish Personnel in the British Army from the late 19th and early 20th centuries,

  • Military Tours

    Tours of historic sites and battlefields are conducted by Tour Companies, Historical Societies, and Regimental Associations, all taking great pride in their activities....

  • Bibliography Irish Military History

    For the information of researchers, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG commissioned publications to facilitate research

  • Directory Listings

    The Trust provides a directory of Archives, Websites, Libraries, Museums, Heritage and Battle sites and other listings for use in research

Upcoming Events

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